The Central Park Hotel

Welcome to The Central Park Hotel, one of the finest 4 star hotels in Pune, nestled in the heart of the City. For exceptional living and fine services look no further than our Hotel.
Call it a Home away from home or the best luxury hotels in Pune amongst the city hotels, all embodied in one. The Central Park Hotel is the ultimate destination for both business and leisure guests alike.
It is not only the best hotel in Pune, but is a showcase of contemporary INTERNATIONAL DESIGN STUNNINGLY SIMPLE AND ELEGANT. Find yourself in a business hotel, where service and style are heavily favored over size.
At The Central Park Hotel, you can enjoy a variety of swimming pool, a spa, free access to Wi-Fi and a plush accommodation at an affordable price coupled with a relaxing stay, and that is the true essence of a luxury hotel in Pune.
Where else could one enjoy all under one roof, not only for business but business of life, and that’s what we crave for.